Yahoo Messenger cannot Login

in several days, I get problem with my Yahoo Messenger. I can’t login, but I can login with my mobile device and use ebuddy in my notebook.

Actually, yahoo give you information like picture on top, unfortunatelly, is not helping. make me confuse, because when I click troubleshoot button, he guest I use internet connection with proxy, but I didn’t use proxy.

first, I try to fix my registry, in other case, any people success doing that, but I didn’t.
So I try reinstall YM, but still cannot login.
I try uninstall, restart my computer and reinstall again, still get a problem.

so, I check IE.
I don’t know, why Yahoo use IE to follow setting for internet connection. event you didn’t use it as default browser (I use mozilla firefox as default browser).
I try to clear cache, still not success.
last, I open IE, go to Internet Option and click tab advanced, and try reset IE setting.

and hurray….

after that, I can login again……

--- artha Nugraha Jonar ---


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